Stop Saying Sorry Before You Begin An Awkward Conversation

stop saying sorry

Marla (not her real name), is a very nice, compassionate woman who is loved by all.

She is always quick to help others with their burdens – so much so,  that she became a beast of burden.

She knew she often let people take advantage of her, but didn’t know what to do to put a stop to  it.

While speaking with  her, I noticed something interesting about her.

“Are you aware that you say “sorry” every time you begin to say something  you’re uncomfortable with?”

She wasn’t aware of it.

As women, we often feel afraid to voice our opinions because we think we might come across as too assertive.

Although it’s important to monitor our tones so as not to put off people unnecessarily, we should be intentional about what comes out of our mouths.

By intentional, I mean don’t just blurt out the first thing that comes out of your mind. Sometimes we have to be silent, wait and the speak.

Saying “sorry” before making a comment, comes across as dishonest.

The truth is you’re  not sorry.  You’re just afraid.

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